From the editorial board

The Encyclopaedia «Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky» was prepared for publication more than 25 years ago. Its creators L. Z. Korabelnikova and P. E. Vaydman managed to involve about 100 authors from Russia, Germany, Georgia, USA, Ukraine, France and Czech Republic. Apart from Korabelnikova and Vaydman, the authors include such prominent scholars of the late 20th and early 21st century as I. A. Barsova, G. L. Golovinskiy, A. I. Kandinskiy, A. I. Klimovitskiy, O. E. Levasheva, E. A. Ruchyevskaya, V. S. Sokolov, E. Ya. Surits, Yu. N. Kholopov, Ye. M. Tsarëva and others (see the List of Authors and Editors of the Encyclopaedia). However, this work, which consists at present of about 1300 articles, has not been published up to now.

This site is the platform on which articles and reference materials of the Encyclopaedia will be posted. This online resource was launched by the State Institute for Art Studies together with the Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve in Klin as a part of the large-scale project involving personal encyclopaedias of Russian composers and the Academic Edition of Tchaikovskys Complete Works. The publication of all the articles of the Encyclopaedia is planned for 2019–2023. The articles are supplemented by data from the literature published during the past twenty years and are verified on the basis of the results of archive studies. Regardless of when the articles were written, we have included into them more recent reference materials corresponding to the contemporary level of P. I. Tchaikovsky research. In cases when the material added to the article during the editorial process is more than a quarter of the volume of the initial text, the editor is indicated as the articles co-author.

Editorial Board: A. G. Aynbinder, L. O. Hakobian, O. A. Bobrik, A. S. Vinogradova, E. M. Dvoskina, A. V. Komarov, L. Z. Korabelnikova, S. K. Lashchenko, D. R. Petrov, M. G. Raku, M. P. Rakhmanova.

Editors: O. A. Bobrik, A. V. Komarov, D. R. Petrov, M. G. Raku, A. S. Vinogradova.

Adviser: A. G. Aynbinder.

Executive Editor: O. A. Bobrik.